Conroe Animal Shelter – Being a Volunteer

I absolutely love this part of my life – volunteering with the Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas (ASVT) at the Conroe Animal Shelter.  As a volunteer, you not only walk and exercise the dogs but you prepare them for their ‘Forever Homes’ by teaching them how to interact and behave.  In addition, you get to help families with the selection of their new best friend.

When I signed up this year to walk the dogs at Conroe Animal Shelter, I really had no idea how much they would affect me.  I have my sheltie, Jackson at home who gives me all the dog love I need; but I found the Conroe Animal Shelter dogs gave me a completely different love that brings even more joy to my life.

When you walk through the dog shelter area, the dogs speak out to you (yes, that part is pretty loud – lol) but they just want to get your attention – “pick me”.  Those faces will melt your heart.  You leash up your dog and head outside usually in a very fast trot (hey, when you gotta go – you really gotta go!)  Be prepared – some of these dogs are housetrained and having been waiting a long time to go.

Once outside everything becomes normal.   You can go for a nice, long walk through one of the wooded paths or along a variety of grassy areas.  You can walk down to one of the five fenced areas for play time or you can sit on a bench and do some socializing.  Whatever you and the dog decide to do – it is all good.  They are just so happy to be outside having fun.

Well I do have to warn you – you will fall in love with the dogs and yes, I do want to take several of them home with me … but I stay focused and remember my job is to help the animals deal with being in the shelter and get prepared for their new home. When you see one of your favorite dogs get adopted – well all I can say is the joy is overwhelming!

Volunteering at Conroe Animal Shelter has been a lot of fun.  You can walk dogs seven days a week between 10 am and 4:30 pm.  I usually plan to help out for an hour but stay for 2 hours because I cannot say no to those adorable faces.

I meet lots of wonderful dog loving people too and am developing some great friendships.  Oh yeah, there is one other big benefit to all this volunteering.  I get lots of hugs and loving from all the dogs that I share time with.

If you are interested in being an ASVT volunteer at the Conroe Animal Shelter:   Volunteer Info and Conroe Animal  Shelter  Fill out the ASVT (Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas )application and join us.  You can walk dogs, play with cats, hold puppies, foster dogs, help out on adoption trips or make a financial donation.

Come make some new friends at the Conroe Animal Shelter – the rewards are wonderful.  Find great places to take your own dog on my website: