Conroe Animal Shelter



We all need friends and what can be better than to have your best friend be a dog!  Also, you make more friends when you go places with your dog.  Everyone wants to talk to you and pet your dog.   Come to the Conroe Animal Shelter and find your new best friend.

I am a volunteer dog walker and I can tell you I have made more friends than I can tell you about through walking the shelter dogs.   These new friends are other people who volunteer, people coming in looking to adopt and; of course, the precious dogs that I get to walk throughout the week.

I absolutely love this part of my life.  Yes – I do fall in love with the dogs and yes – I do want to take several of them home with me … but I stay focused and remember my job is to help the shelter animals deal with being in the shelter.

The volunteers help the animals adjust by loving on them, giving them exercise, playing with them and having some fun, teaching them how to behave better and introducing them to potential new homes.  When you see one of your favorites get adopted – well all I can say is – THE JOY IS OVERCOMING!   Oh yeah – there is one big benefit to all this:   I get lots of hugs and loving from the dogs.


Conroe Animal Adoption Center is located at:Conroe Animal Shelter - Being a Volunteer

407 Sgt Ed Holcomb Blvd
Conroe, Texas 77304

Main Number – 936-522-3550
Fax Number – 936-522-3557

Adoption Hours:  10:00 am-5:00 pm     Tuesday-Sunday.
Hours of Operation:  8:00am – 5:00pm     Tuesday – Sunday.   Closed on Mondays


Check out the Conroe Animal Adoption Center’s Dogs & Cats available for adoption.  Some lost or surrendered animals are placed into Rescue Groups or Foster Homes for immediate care.  So if you cannot find a dog or cat to adopt at the shelter, please check out Rescue Groups (Rescue Groups by Breed) or (Rescue Groups – General) or search on



If you can spare an hour a day or 3-4 hours a week to help walk dogs or give extra attention to cats; www.PlacesToTakeYourDog.complease consider becoming a Shelter Volunteer.  You will go through training on how to care for the animals.   The shelter dogs are only walked by volunteers.  They need to get out at least once a day and it can take 8 hours total to get all the dogs walked in one day.   Your help – even for one hour is tremendous.  The volunteers also help match up dogs with the adopters that come in.  Also we give baths and brushings.  Lots of care is needed for the shelter dogs.


Please help – the dogs will pay you well with lots of love and precious looks!  What could be more rewarding.