Places To Take Your Dog

FIND A DOG – Around Conroe and the Southeast Texas Area

If you are looking for a dog or a friend for your dog, there are numerous places in Conroe, The Woodlands and our surrounding areas that you can search.   The Animal Shelters are in desperate needs of finding ‘Forever Homes’ for their sheltered dogs and many dogs in foster homes.

Find a Dog in Conroe

Humphrey – An 8 year old Shelter Dog found a ‘Forever Home’

Perhaps you are searching for a specific breed like a Collie, Great Dane, Dachshund or other. These  Dog Rescue Groups (by Breed) are fostering dogs throughout Conroe and the Southeast Texas area.  There are also several wonderful Rescue Groups that do all dogs like ASVT, Operations Pets Alive and S.A.V.E. Rescue.

Let’s not forget some wonderful older dogs that are in need of being cared for.   Sometimes people have to give up their dog because of a move or health reasons.  Why not consider welcoming “an Old Timer” into your family.

Take a look at the following links in “Find a Dog”to find your next Best Friend in and around the Conroe area!

ASVT – Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas

Conroe Animal Shelter

Montgomery County Animal Shelter

Dog Rescue Groups – by Breed

Dog Rescue Groups – General

Dog Breeders

Other Resources