W. G. Jones State Forest is Dog Friendly

W. G. Jones State Forest is 1,745 acres located in southern Conroe just west of IH 45 on Hwy 1488.   There are so many hiking trails that I will not be able to tell you about all of them – but we will concentrate on an easy one – you follow Park Trail from Jones Lake Parking lot until you come upon Middle Pond.  It is a nice, easy and relaxing trail for you to take your dog on.  There are 2 ponds or small lakes, wide trails, picnic areas and loads of trees along this area.

Along these W.G. Jones State Forest hiking trails you will definitely meet other hiking dogs.  Be aware leashes are required at the park; but I noticed owners removing leashes and allowing their dogs to play in the ponds.  Facilities:  The W.G. Jones State Park is without any facilities.   No restrooms, no doggie poop dispensers, no water and no trash cans.   Carry out what you carry in.  Be sure to bring plenty of water for your dog.

There are so many trails and on my website you will find a map showing you the other trails www.PlacesToTakeYourDog.com   There is a place for parking horse trailers (I have not located this parking yet) – so in some areas be aware of horses; however, between the ponds we did not see any horses.    Bicycles are also allowed.  William G. Jones State Forest is a huge park with lots of places to go and some signs to help direct you.   Don’t forget to keep a watch out for the endangered Red-Cockaded Woodpecker.  It is a black and white bird and they are currently breeding.


This is only one of the many trails that you can take your dog on.   Like us on Facebook for more exciting places to take your dog and check out more about W.G. Jones State Forest and other locations with descriptions of Places To Take Your Dog.


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